Texti - Fire
Translating Flat file data databases since 2006
...into this
Name,        Last Name,        Number

Simpson,   Homer,              888-555-1111
Ned,          Flanders,           13335559976
...or this...
...quickly and easily without
complicated and time consuming
synchronization to enterprise
Pull data you've stored in Blackberry* mobile devices to view, rearrange and
modify any way you want.  After all, the data's yours isn't it?  
Turn this....
Name: Homer
Last Name: Simpson
Number: 888-555-1111

Name: Flanders
Last Name: Ned
Number: 13335559976
...or this...
raw data file, like an .ipd
FN:Homer Simpson
TITLE:Safety Inspector
ORG:Springfield Nuclear Plant
2 Evergreen Terrace=0D=0AUnit
te line1=0D=0ALine3=0D=0Athird
line=0D=0Aand fourth
2 Pick
1 Click
3 Run
Click the Handset icon to
add a Blackberry extractor
Pick the file you want to
open and the database you
want to extract
Click the run icon
It's easy.  First backup your Blackberry with the desktop software that came with your phone.  You
download it from
here if you can't find it.  Then just Click, Pick and Run
Now hit the 'Easy Out' button and save as a csv
(comma separated value file) to load into Excel,
Outlook,   Lotus Notes etc.  

Or, 'Pipe' the text as rows and columns into any of
the Visual Pipe-Fu tools to sort, collate, pattern
match or use as standard input to another utility.

If you need detailed instructions to import a
contacts file into Outlook, click
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The five most common data types, Contacts, Calendar, Email, Phone Log and Instant
Messages (SMS) each have a custom grid on the Easy Out page.  All other databases including
Memos, Auto Text and Deleted Emails are extracted as generic text fields by selecting 'Other'.
Demo Version
The free demo will extract the first ten entries of the
contact list.  The full version extracts everything
from everything.
When Using Outlook be sure to select View->Current View->Address Cards from the main menu or else
the Primary Phone numbers will remain hidden.  This subtle difference in the way Outlook and Blackberry
designate Primary phone numbers tends to confuse and frustrate the uninitiated.