Outlook Import Contacts Tutorial
Once you've created your .csv file open Outlook and select Import and Export from the File
...then Import from another
program or file....
...select Coma Separated Values
...now add your file by clicking
browse and selecting your .csv...
...Contacts is the destination...
At this point you can re-map your
field names to Outlook's field
names, or you can click finish to
accept the default mappings.
If you chose to Map
Custom Fields you'll see
the screen to the left.  If
for instance you want
Primary Phone to map to
something other than
Primary Phone simply
drag the name from the
left to the desired field on
the right by positioning
the cursor over Primary
Phone, pressing the left
mouse button, hold the
button down as you
position it on the right,
and release the button.
One final note.  Blackberry has a field called Primary Phone while Outlook designates one
of the phone numbers as the Primary number.  Neither is right or wrong, they're just
different, but to make sure you see the Primary number select Current View->Address
Cards from the View menu, or it can be 'hidden'.

Of course you could always re-map Primary Phone to another field as discussed above.